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The STEM & Writing Annual Partnership offers you opportunities to learn effective writing techniques for your STEM classroom and to share your knowledge with students in NCSU’s First Year Writing Program

In an immersive week-long summer workshop (August 4 – 8, 2014), you will focus on writing in your discipline–its purposes, audiences, conventions, and processes. You will learn to assign and assess student writing, making your teaching more engaging and effective.  In addition, you will prepare to share what you learn with your own students and with future STEM students in the First Year Writing Program. At the end of the week, you will partner with a member of the NCSU writing faculty to plan a guest lecture, applying what you learned in the summer workshop and in FIT workshops.

In the fall semester, you will have the opportunity to guest lecture about STEM writing to several sections of a First Year Writing class. After the guest lecture, you will receive feedback on your teaching from First Year Writing Program faculty and students. Then you wll meet with your FYWP faculty partner to brainstorm ideas for integrating writing in the STEM classroom.

SWAP is a win / win / win: You get experience teaching about writing in your discipline; faculty teaching writing courses benefit from your expertise; and future STEM students get the “inside scoop” on writing in their possible fields of study.


Why Should I Participate?

The SWAP program allows PhD students and Post-Doctoral scholars to:

  • Apply teaching skills learned in FIT workshops to an undergraduate writing course
  • Gather writing assignment and assessment ideas to apply to your own courses
  • Enhance your teaching portfolio:
    • Demonstrate ability to teach writing
    • Receive formal feedback from writing faculty and first year students
  • Demonstrate teaching ability outside your area of expertise
  • Gain interdisciplinary perspectives by working with diverse students and faculty
  • Improve your own writing

To learn more about what the program can offer you, read the STEM & Writing Annual Partnership Program overview for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

If you are considering several PFL teaching programs and want to compare them to SWAP, take a look at this grid.

PFL_compass_1015     How Do I Apply? 

The application period will open on Feb. 19, 2014. Applications are due on March 3, 2014. Participation in this program is limited in order to enhance the quality of the experience for each PhD student, Post-doctoral scholar, and faculty member. STEM participants will be selected by committee based on:

  • Demonstration of interest in incorporating writing into STEM instruction
  • Demonstration of strong writing skills
  • Demonstration of commitment to teaching

Before you apply, take a look at the syllabus and make sure you will be able to meet all the program expectations. You’ll find the 2014 SWAP syllabus here, complete with requirements and a timeline.

To apply, click the “apply now” image below. Then you will enroll yourself in the application Moodle space. The SWAP application includes a short essay, so please allow time to complete all the application elements before the application deadline. Applications are due by 5PM on Monday, March 3rd, 2014. The committee will notify selected applicants no later than Friday, March 7th, 2014.



Who Do I Contact With Questions? 

STEM & Writing Annual Partnership Director:  Susanna Klingenberg is the Coordinator of Graduate Professional Development Programs in the Graduate School at NCSU. Before coming to the Graduate School, she taught writing in the NCSU First Year Writing Program. In her years as a writing teacher, she often featured visiting STEM scholars, and she looks forward to introducing other writing teachers to this rich resource.  Susanna_Klingenberg@ncsu.edu

Faculty Leader: Dr. Barbi Honeycutt, Director of Graduate Professional Development and Teaching Programs, The Graduate School, Barbi_Honeycutt@ncsu.edu

Please send questions to Susanna Klingenberg: Susanna_Klingenberg@ncsu.edu