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The STEM & Writing Partnership offers you the opportunity to feature a working STEM scholar in your ENG101 classroom.

Participating First Year Writing faculty will be paired with a STEM PhD student or Postdoctoral scholar who has been accepted to SWAP through a  competitive application process. These PhD students and Postdocs will attend an immersive week-long summer seminar (Aug. 4 – 8), where they will reflect on the purposes and audiences of writing in their discipline, learn to assign and assess student writing, and prepare to guest lecture in your writing classroom. At the end of the workshop week (Aug. 8), you will join your STEM partner and begin to plan a guest lecture about writing in STEM disciplines to be delivered during the fall semester.


These PhD student and Post-Docs will bring to your classroom their expertise on STEM writing and their enthusiasm for teaching. But they also want your expertise. The PhD student or Post-doc who guest lectures in your class will want your ideas for incorporating writing into their STEM classes.

SWAP is a win / win / win: You get the benefit of a working STEM scholar in your writing classroom; the PhD students and Post-docs get experience teaching about writing; and future STEM students in your classes get the “inside scoop” on writing in their potential fields of study.

To learn more about the program’s evolution, check out the overview for FYWP faculty.

PFL_compass_1015Why Should I Participate? 

The SWAP program allows First Year Writing faculty to:

    • Bring to life one of the FYWP’s learning outcomes: “Examine similarities and differences in forms of inquiry and writing across academic disciplines.”
    • Reinforce that writing is a foundational step toward knowledge-making in all disciplines
    • Illustrate to students the range of discipline-specific writing conventions
    • Invite students to ask writing questions of a scholar with a different area of expertise than their writing instructor
    • Tap into the rich human resources at NCSU
    • Share your teaching expertise through conversation and evaluation
    • Serve as a short-term mentor for future faculty who want to incorporate writing into STEM classes

The SWAP program allows your students to:

    • Explore how a practicing STEM scholar applies writing in their field
    • Ask questions of a practicing scholar and writer in a STEM discipline
    • Engage with a practicing STEM scholar about his or her writing process
    • Reinforce rhetorical analysis skills

PFL_compass_1015How Do I Sign Up?  

There will be a call for interested FYWP faculty on March 1st. Applications open for PhD students and Postdocs on Feb. 19, 2014. .

Interested FYWP Faculty are not required to go through an application process. On March 1st when you receive the call for interest, simply send a request to Susanna Klingenberg, Coordinator of Professional Development Programs at the NCSU Graduate School: Susanna_Klingenberg@ncsu.edu. Those who respond first will be the first matched with the accepted STEM PhD students and Postdocs based on your fall schedule.

Participation in this program is limited in order to enhance the quality of the experience for each faculty member, PhD student, and Post-doctoral scholar. PhD and Post-Doc participants will be selected by committee based on:

    • Demonstration of interest in incorporating writing into STEM instruction
    • Demonstration of strong writing skills
    • Demonstration of commitment to teaching

To get a feel for what your collaborator will learn before entering your classroom, check out the 2014 SWAP syllabus for PhD students & Postdocs. A schedule of daily readings and activities will be posted on the Moodle space before the summer workshop, in case you’d like to follow along.

PFL_compass_1015Who Do I Contact With Questions?

STEM & Writing Annual Partnership Director:  Susanna Klingenberg is the Coordinator of Graduate Professional Development Programs in the Graduate School at NCSU. Before coming to the Graduate School, she taught writing in the NCSU First Year Writing Program. In her years as a writing teacher, she often featured guest STEM scholars, and she looks forward to introducing other writing teachers to this rich resource.  Susanna_Klingenberg@ncsu.edu

Faculty Leader: Dr. Barbi Honeycutt, Director of Graduate Professional Development and Teaching Programs, The Graduate School, Barbi_Honeycutt@ncsu.edu

Please send questions to Susanna Klingenberg: Susanna_Klingenberg@ncsu.edu