What is on-demand?

On-Demand workshops and seminars are available for NC State graduate students and postdocs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You do not have to register for on-demand workshops. Instead, you will enroll yourself in the Moodle project space for that workshop, and you will have immediate access to the workshop materials.

How do I access the on-demand events?

Click on the title of the event which will take you directly to the Moodle login page.

Log in using your unity ID and password.

If you are unable to view the event, check the “Projects” tab in Moodle (not the “courses” tab). All on-demand events are located in project spaces, not courses.

Please note that the on-demand workshops will not show up in your LDRS registration system records. You should keep your own records of the workshops you complete. If you have any questions, we can check your quiz grade in each workshop for verification that you have completed the requirements for the workshop.

Note: Most of the Fundamentals in Teaching workshops will only be available in the on-demand format in Spring 2016.

Fundamentals in Teaching

All Description can be found on our Fundamentals in Teaching page!

Classroom Assessment Techniques

Classroom Management

Creating Engaging Visuals for Teaching and Learning

Effective Questioning Techniques

Establishing Authority & Credibility in the Classroom

Evaluation & Grading

Introduction to Teaching

Introduction to the Teaching Portfolio and Teaching Philosophy

Learning Styles

Motivational Teaching Strategies

Responding to Student Writing

Teaching on the First Day

Writing Learning Outcomes

Professional and Personal Development

How to Handle a Phone Interview Part 1



The Informational Interview


Preparing for the Job Interview


Writing an Effective Cover Letter


Writing an Effective Research Statement


Writing Federal Research Proposals



Responsible Conduct of Research

Introduction to RCR


Navigating the Dangerous Waters of Plagiarism