4914Here at PFL Team Headquarters (The Graduate School, Research Building III), we’re experiencing the let-down feelings that only come after big holidays or vacations – the post Celebration blues.  One of our favorite days of the year, the Celebration of Graduate Student Success, has come and gone!  After weeks spent leading programs and workshops, writing recommendation letters, evaluating portfolios, and finalizing details, it’s hard to believe that this day is over.

4917The Celebration is like our ‘Superbowl.’  We look forward to this day every year.  A whole afternoon that we can devote to celebrating the best part of what we do – you!

This year has been such a great one, we had much to celebrate.  First, we were inspired by Marc, a PFL alumn, and motivated to be strong representatives of the Graduate School by Dr. Duane Larick.  Next, we lauded a giant group of highly trained graduate student TA’s, freshly minted in the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching (CoAT) program, armed with their teaching philosophies and portfolios and ready to take NC State classrooms by storm.  Then, our very first group of STEM and Writing Annual Partnership (SWAP) program participants graduated after spending their year swapping in and out of English courses, integrating writing into their STEM – what a feat!  We celebrated our Mentor and Teaching Practicum (MATP) program participants who taught at a variety of schools this year, including Wake Technical Community College, Shaw University, Meredith College, Elon University, Peace College, and Wake Forest University.  We applauded the work of the Preparing the Professoriate (PTP) graduates, who have completed that rigorous, premier year-long teaching and mentoring program.  Lastly, we celebrated the PFL Ambassadors who have done so much work behind the scenes, promoting PFL and helping to craft our programs.  Over the course of the day, we celebrated almost 90 graduate students and postdoctoral scholars!

4903In addition to the joy of giving all of you this well-deserved round of applause, we got to salute the people who support you – faculty mentors, friends, family members, spouses, significant others, and children.  Graduate school is a team effort, and we are thrilled every year to share this celebration with those who celebrate you on a daily basis!  What a wonderful way to end a successful year of PFL events and programs.

There is only one cure for the post-Celebration blues – beginning to plan for next year!  This summer, the PFL Team will be busy cooking up new workshops, programs, guest speakers, retreats, and partnerships for the upcoming year – all designed to help you thrive in graduate school.  Stay tuned, because there are exciting things ahead!

To read more about the celebration, check out this article in the bulletin.