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The Preparing the Professoriate (PTP) program is a nationally-recognized program designed to give exceptional doctoral students an immersive mentoring, teaching, and future faculty preparation experience.  Established in 1993, the PTP program is the premiere program in the Graduate School’s professional development initiative, Preparing Future Leaders. PTP provides Fellows with a hands-on teaching opportunity under the direction of a distinguished faculty mentor recognized for their teaching skills. PTP is one of only two professional development programs that recognizes successful Fellows with a formal transcript notation as evidence for their hard work and achievement.

Acceptance into this program is highly competitive.  Every year,  the selection committee makes tough decisions to select the new PTP Fellows.   PTP is a year long program consisting of two major components: regular workshop meetings and the mentoring relationship with your faculty member. Fellows also teach with their mentor, complete a peer observation,  and conduct a professional development project.  At the conclusion of the program, each fellow completes a teaching portfolio detailing his or her work and reflections from participating in the PTP program.

Application to the program is open to doctoral students who plan careers as faculty members at colleges and universities, and up to 20 PTP fellows are selected each year in a university-wide competition.*

* Participation in PTP also serves as one method to fulfill the mentored teaching experience requirement for NC State GAANN fellows. GAANN fellows are not currently eligible for funded fellowships.


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